About Us

forrect national park
"Every mind is its own World, lets bring them together for a better Planet."
- Ray Ramos
The WestCats is a dedicated group of volunteers that monitors the environment for early detection of forest fires.

The group presently monitors for earth preservation, by means of keeping a watch on strategic areas that may be a high risk area for forest fires.

With the changing environment, due to earth's regional patterns changing, there is a need to know high forest fire risk areas.

The WestCats Group has established a rating for high risk areas that are in several regions of California, and looking to expand into different states presently.

Several assessments are made to determine an area for high risk and include the study of the region's topology for lightning prone areas.

Presently, regions in Northern California, Central California, and Southern California are being monitored.

* The WestCats are a volunteer group that is subsidized by means of the concerned public for earth's environment, any donations can be made thru our website westcats.org